Bangalore to Bandipur

Bandipur National Park offers a lot to see and do and is well known for its breathtaking natural beauty. Bandipur National Park is home to a number of endangered species such as elephants, hornbills, deers, pythons, panthers etc.

hence just one visit to Bandipur National Park is needed to explore it fully. When it comes to luxury, best option to prefer is a Car. You can book a Car from Bangalore to Bandipur National Park and have a luxurious journey with our various types of Cars.

Biligirirangan Hills
Bandipur Wildlife Sactuary

Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary is neighbours with Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary and at a distance of few minutes from the Mudumalai National Park, the park is home to a number of endangered species.

Mudumalai National park

Bandipur Mudumalai National Park is recently declared as a tiger reserve, this wildlife sanctuary is situated on the banks of River Mayor and on the north-western side of the Nilgiri Hills. It is famous for the huge herd of elephants, tigers, leopards, gaurs, hyenas etc.

Gopalaswamy Betta

Bandipur Gopalaswamy Betta is an extensively wooded forest and is also the highest peak in the Bandipur National Park. It is very famous for its elephant safari. 

Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve

Bandipur Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve is famous for other species of animal such as Indian Leopard, Black Panther, Gaur, Indian Elephant, Mangoose, Malabar Giant Squirrel, Lion Tailed Macaque, Grey Langoor and Nilgiri Tahr, Four Horned Antelopes etc.

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