Bangalore to Talakadu

Thalakadu offers a lot to see and do. There are a lot of temples at Thalakadu. hence just one visit to Thalakkadu is needed to explore it fully.

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Somanathapura Temple

Thalakadu Somanathapura Temple is a very famous attraction and has been constructed on the bank of river Cauvery in Hoysala architectural style.

Keerthi Narayana Temple
Panchalina Darshana

Thalakadu Panchalina Darshana is an event where a fair is held to honour of Shiva Temples present in the town. This takes place once in every twelve years on the day of full moon in the month of Karthika when the 2 stars Vishaka and Khuha Yoga conjoins. 

Mallikharjuna Temple

Thalakadu Millikharjuna Temple is dedicated to a lingam of Mallikharjuna Swamy and Goddess Brahmaraambigai. There are footprints on the lingam which are believed to belonging to Kaamadhenu. 

Veerabhadreshwara Temple
Arkeshwara Temple
Tirumakudal Narsipur

Thalakadu Tirumakudal Narsipur is located in the vicinity of Thalakadu about 16 km away. It is the most renowned temple in the area known for its splendid Dravidian style of architecture.

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