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Tempo Traveller Non AC -  Cheapest Rates - Transparent Billing - All-Inclusive No Hidden Charges - Safe Drive - at Siddeshwara Travels, Bangalore.

Tempo Traveller For Rent? Why Choose Siddeshwara Travels?

  • Siddeshwara Travels has been awarded & recognised as the Top Tempo Traveller Rental in Bangalore - Tempo Traveller Non AC
  • We provide the best fleet of Tempo Traveller For Rent which is a perfect combination of Comfort & Affordable Rate!
  • We have our Own latest models of Tempo Traveller On Rent Bangalore.
  • Siddeshwara Travels has been serving Our Happy & Satisfied Customers for the past 20 years.
  • Checkout our Customer Reviews & Top Tempo Traveller Ratings which has made Siddeshwara Travels the Most Trusted Travel Brand in Bangalore!
  • Siddeshwara Travels never compromises on your Safety, we provides the Cleanest, hygienic & well-maintained Tempo Traveller Rent In Bangalore. 
  • We Value your Money & ensure we provide you the Best Competitive price On Our Tempo Traveller Hire In Bangalore.
  • Moreover, On all our Bangalore Tempo Traveller Rental the per km price offered by Siddeshwara Travels is very economical & cheap!


Why We Recommend A Tempo Traveller Deluxe 12 Seater Instead of A Tempo Traveller Non AC?

Tempo Traveller Deluxe 12 Seater

Tempo Traveller Non AC

  • Our  Tempo Traveller Deluxe ideal for 12 passengers are completely modified & customized for ultra Comfort & Sophistication.
  • Tempo Traveller AC is a basic model with very less features & benefits, you will not experience much comfort during journey.
  • Our Tempo Traveller Deluxe 12 Seater is an high-end ultra deluxe vehicle, it provides the best of comfort, especially for long journeys & trips with your family & friends.
  • Tempo Traveller Non AC is commonly used for daily office commute, local city transportation of passengers, etc.
  • Also, The Exteriors are classy with a high roof to give you a spacious feel & a large headroom inside the vehicle.
  • The Exterior is not customized, hence the roof is not raised to provide the extra space & headroom inside the vehicle.


  • The Furnished Interiors of the Tempo Traveller Deluxe are stylish with 2 + 1 Seating capacity, wide cushioned seats with recliners for a relaxing & blissful journey.
  • Also, The Interiors of Tempo Traveller Non AC is very simple & basic in design, the seats are not cushioned but simple rexine texture.
  • The Special Modifications & luxury features for all Our Tempo Traveller Deluxe 12 Seater is done by Josh Fittings - An expert for vehicle Customization in India.
  • Furthermore, There is no special modifications on the Tempo Traveller Non AC, it is maintained in a good condition without any luxury customization.
  • Besides, A centralized Cooling System &  State of the Art Surround Sound System with LED Screen is sure to keep you entertained throughout the journey.
  • Also, This is a basic Tempo Traveller without any Air-Conditioning, we do not provide a sophisticated Sound System or LED Screen for entertainment.
  • The Deluxe Tempo Traveller For Rent has a special Enclosed & spacious Luggage Compartment on the roof to store all your extra large luggage.
  • Lastly, The Tempo Traveller Non AC does not provide this special feature of an extra compartment for your luggage.


Do You Know That Siddeshwara Travels provides The Quickest Booking, Most Lowest Rates & Hassle-Free Journey ? - Tempo Traveller Non AC

  1. No More Inconvenience, We Care & Ensure We provide Value for Money Service on all Tempo Traveller Booking.
  2. The total Fee that you Pay is the ONLY amount, During the journey, You Pay Nothing More!!
  3. The total Price includes the Driver Fee & Parking fees is taken care of during the local sight-seeing pit-stops.
  4. Our Drivers have undergone rigorous training to drive under all weather conditions & terrains.
  5. Furthermore, paying every single time at Toll booths is always a hindrance for customers whilst travelling, but with us, the total price is inclusive of all the Toll Fees throughout the journey!
  6. Likewise, we have taken care of the Inter-State Check Posts & the Total fare also includes Road Tax for a hassle-free travel experience, so you won't be paying anything extra!
  7. So, Watch Out for Our Exclusive Benefits, it's time you travel in Peace!

Checkout Our Popular Tours Section & Plan your Vacation from our wide range of Customized Packages at the Lowest Price in Bangalore Inclusive of Driver Fee/Toll Fee/Road Tax/Inter-State Permit & Parking Fees

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We promise the best Local Package Rates on Tempo Traveller for Hire in Bangalore at 8hrs/80kms as compared to Local Hiring Rates on Tempo Traveller For Hire in Chennai is 10hrs/100kms

Checkout Our Unmatched & lowest Tempo Traveller per km Rate in Bangalore for Outstation Rental in comparison to Tempo Traveller per km Rate in Mumbai

We promise the best Rates on Tempo Traveller For Hire in Bangalore as compared to Local Hiring Rates on Tempo Traveller For Hire in Hyderabad

We provide Reasonable & Lowest Price for Tempo Traveller per km Rate in Bangalore for Outstation Rental as compared to Tempo Traveller per km Rate in Delhi.


All Our Tempo Traveller For Rent Are Protected & Safe from COVID 19
  1. Siddeshwara Travels follows strict measures to ensure safety of our Customer.
  2. Sanitization & Deep Cleaning procedure for all the Fleet of vehicles after every journey.
  3. Our Drivers follow the Social Distancing COVID 19 Protocols as per the Government Specifications.


How to Book a Tempo Traveller With Us:

If you have any query or wish to Book a Van. Please visit our Homepage of the Website and Select your Destination.

Compare the Fares, once done, there is an option to Book Now, please click on the Book Now option. You can also Email us at info@siddeshwara.in, please send your queries about Tempo Traveller Booking.

Besides, you can talk to our Customer Service Representatives on 9141555333 OR try the WhatsApp Chat. Finally, there is also an option to fill this Quick Contact Form & submit your query.


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