Benz S Class






Mercedes-Benz S-Class Specifications

Fuel Type - Diesel

Engine Displacement - 2925 cc

BHP - 281.61bhp@3400-4600rpm

Torque - 600Nm@1200-3200rpm

Length - 5255mm

Height - 1494mm


Mercedes-Benz S-Class- Mercedes Benz Bangalore:

Nothing spells class and comfort like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class! If you are all about luxury rides, Siddeshwara Travels has just the right option for you. The Benz S Class or Mercedes-Benz S is designed to fit your rich taste and status.


When to go for Mercedes-Benz S-Class:

  • Business meets would bring more need for this car as you can impress your client well and gives higher confidence level.
  • When you need to attend parties or any high profile events where this flight like car gives you different level of confidence than you expect.


Why Mercedes-Benz S-Class from Siddeshwara Travels- Benz Car for Rent in Bangalore:

  • Siddeshwara Travels is the first of all travel car rental services in Bangalore rendering travel vehicles for the past few decades.
  • Siddeshwara Travels is well known for its time maintenance and cost effective.
  • All the vehicle is well equipped meeting the customer satisfaction.
  • It gives many payment flavors their payment (mostly Customer prefers transactions).
  • All the vehicles are GPS enabled the customer can easily track the tracks of their trucks.
  • All the drivers are customer oriented and will easily mingle with them along the trip, more ever they will be a perfect travel guide.
  • All the kilometers you travel will be recorded accurately and will more effectively.      



  • Air Conditioner & Air Quality Control
  • Seating Capacity-5
  • Adjustable Seats
  • Passenger Airbag
  • CD Player