BMW 7 Series






BMW 7 Series Car Specifications

Fuel Type - Diesel

Engine Displacement - 2993 cc

BHP - 265bhp@4000rpm

Torque - 620Nm@2000-2500rpm

Length - 5219mm

Width - 2142mm

Height - 1481mm

Ground Clearance - 152mm


BMW 7 Series is being of a dream car many but now traveling this becomes true for many as we are offering top notch cars rentals for the customers who really need this. As you all are aware there is no need to describe about quality of this high end car but when this car gives you an awesome and high standard feel comes to the use. Siddeshwara Travels offers you this car with the same high class for you in a feel for you in a reasonable price!


When to go for BMW:

  • Business meets would bring more need for this car as you can impress your client well and gives higher confidence level.
  • When you need to attend parties or any high profile events where this flight like car gives you different level of confidence than you expect.


Why BMW 7 Series from Siddeshwara Travels- luxury cars in Bangalore:

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  • All the kilometers you travel will be recorded accurately and will more effectively.  



  • Air Conditioner & Air Quality Control
  • Seating Capacity-5
  • Adjustable Seats
  • Navigation System
  • Passenger Airbag