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Tempo Traveller Luxury 12 Seater - Making Beautiful Memories & Unforgettable Experiences as You Travel in Luxury With Your Family & Friends. Why Choose Siddeshwara

Tempo Traveller Luxury 12 Seater - Making Beautiful Memories & Unforgettable Experiences as You Travel in Luxury With Your Family & Friends.

Why Choose Siddeshwara Travels for a Tempo Traveller Luxury 12 Seater?

Lowest Rates, Big Savings Travel in comfort: Tempo Traveller 12 Seater

You can travel in greater comfort, especially if you're heading from Bangalore to another destination, with Siddeshwara Travel's 12 Seater tempo traveller. We will provide you with a comfortable travelling experience that will endure the duration of your entire journey, truly making your vacation more relaxed and stress-free.  Let's look at a few examples of how we can improve your experience.

What Are the Benefits of a Luxury Tempo Traveller?

Well, many of us before travelling have questions in our mind "What benefits we will avail if we select you"

There are various advantages to travelling in a luxurious 12, seater tempo traveller van that improve the entire experience. Among these advantages are:

  • High-end Facilities: A variety of high-end facilities are frequently included in luxury 12-seater vehicles. The likes of high-end leather seating, personal climate control, entertainment systems, Wi-Fi access, and cutting-edge audio systems might be included here. These features improve the comfort and amusement of passengers while they are travelling.
  • Personal and Familiar Travel: With a luxury 12-seater vehicle, you may have a private and intimate journey. It makes it possible for you to travel in privacy and with your family or party without having to share a vehicle with other passengers.

Why Choose Siddeshwara Travels for a Tempo Traveller Luxury 12 Seater?

  • Comfort and Adaptability: Travelling in a group can be made more convenient by using a luxury 12, seater tempo traveller. They are perfect for group travel occasions including business trips, family holidays, or special events. Having a private vehicle gives you the opportunity to create your own itinerary and travel to various locations at your own speed.
  • Skilled Chauffeur Assistance: We have  chauffeurs that have local knowledge, experience, and training. By managing the navigation, traffic, and parking, they make sure your trip is secure, comfortable, and stress-free so you can unwind and enjoy the ride.

What Are the Amenities Of a 12, Seater Tempo Traveler

If you're looking for top-notch amenities while travelling, then we do have something for you. Right now, you can unimaginably take advantage of the amenities and services that will improve your trip even further. Let's talk about the amenities now.

  1. Air Conditioners & Charging points: There is no question that you can no longer enjoy your summer vacation in the heat because we are providing you with ac services. Additionally, there are charging stations that make it simple for you to charge your smartphone and other devices.
  2. Entertainment Systems: We provide you with cutting-edge audio technology for the best possible sound, including AUX inputs, Bluetooth, CDs, and USB.
  3. High-sound Music systems: We provide cutting-edge audio systems with top-notch speakers. You'll receive high-quality audio through this, providing an immersive musical experience. Also, it improves the mood and enjoyment of the travel.

Wrapping Up

Considering you can now bring an opulent experience to your travelling with us, travelling is no longer chaotic. The 12-seater Siddeshwara Travel vehicle promises unrivalled comfort by providing top-notch amenities and advantages. Book your trip with us right away to receive fair pricing. Now, reserve a 12-seater to spend time with your loved ones.

How to Book a  Tempo Traveller 12 Seater With Us:

If you have any query or wish to Book a Cab. Please visit our Homepage of the Website and Select your Destination.

Compare the Fares, once done, there is an option to Book Now, please click on the Book Now option. You can also Email us at, please send your queries about Tempo Traveller 12 Seater Booking.

Besides, you can talk to our Customer Service Representatives on 9141555333 OR try the WhatsApp Chat. Finally, there is also an option to fill this Quick Contact Form & submit your query.

RELIABILITY: You are in the safest hands.

  1.  Customer Delight is our motto, we never compromise on your safety & comfort!
  2. Siddeshwara Travels is a bond of Trust & Value. book Luxury sml van in bangalore
  3. Serving Customers for the past 20 years, we have earned a loyal Clientele who not just come back to Us but refer others!
  4. Lastly, Our Drivers come with many years of experience, highly skilled to drive-in all-weather conditions & terrains!

Unbeatable & Unmatched Lowest Rates At Siddeshwara Luxury Tempo travellers  Rentals With No Extra Charges!

  1. No More Inconvenience, We at Siddeshwara Car Rental For Wedding Care & Value Your Money.
  2. In fact, Nothing is more Important for Us than Keeping Our Customer’s Happy & Respected!
  3.  Moreover, The total Fee that you Pay is the ONLY amount, During the journey, You Pay Nothing More!!
  4. The total Price includes the Driver Fee! No more disturbance during the journey.
  5. Besides, all your Parking fees is taken care of during the local sight-seeing pit-stops.
  6. Furthermore, paying every single time at Toll booths is always a hindrance for customers whilst travelling, but with us, the total price is inclusive of all the Toll Fees throughout the journey!
  7. Likewise, we have taken care of the Inter State Check Posts, you will not be paying anything extra!
  8.  The Total fare also includes the Road Tax for a hassle free travel experience!
  9. So, No More disturbance, No More waking you up in-between your sleep.


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