About us

We are committed to provide the finest Cars, Buses & Vans rental services in India, Making your travels & Service in the city enjoyable and convenient our prime objective! Our transparent business policies and customer-centric approach have been instrumental in bolstering our popularity over time. Rental from us - and get the best savings.

Interstate Cars services

Associate with the customers followed by Siddeshwara Travels became an energy to estimate with on the motorways. The approach was starting with a single schedule customers with just one car at the retention what we put it ahead in the fiercely competitive marketplace was uncompromising hard work, punctuality, safety, periodic renewal of fleet and excellent friendly back office support. The tactic was same starting with a single schedule and one Car and later expanding to hourly and far departures between Cities,

Interstate Vans services

All journeys are always tiring, we always prefer to travel comfortable and relaxed, when it comes to a long journey and all the bumpy roads ahead, when you desire for your comfort it always comes when you hire or rent a van, whether within Bangalore or any parts across India, your numbers makes you choose the van your need, when the number increases for your plan, you can hire/rent a van from us, we have the list of vans with us, the good thing about all this vehicles are the interiors are pleasant, spacious for luggage, looking for a van to hire in Bangalore or across states, call us for more details, Bangalore is a competitive market and you have many companies hire/rent a van from us for their customers.

Interstate Buses services

Most of the passengers prefer to take a sleeper bus service direct to their native village, instead of taking multiple transportation to a city, far away from their home town. That is when Siddeshwara Travels interstate bus service comes to the help of the passengers.

Corporate Services

Corporate Travel demands promptness and efficiency. In order to provide travel related services to this sophisticated travel segment, understanding the requirements of the corporate traveller is of prime importance. Our aim is to provide personalized service through highly trained teams at optimum cost. All auxiliary travel services as required are provided, along with our 24 hours back up service through the Customer Service help desk. Outstanding personal service being our strong point, we assign a well experienced Account Manager to each client to build up knowledge of their specific needs and business related travel requirements. This not only ensures consistency in quality of service, but also provides us valuable insights for individual requirements.