Day 1 Trip

Chitradurga, also known as Chitrakaldurgas and Chittaldurg is a picturesque, ancient little town situated in the state of Karnataka. It is replete with magnificent natural landforms like boulders of curious shapes and sizes, deep caves and hillocks giving the whole landscape a look of giant’s playground with boulders thrown about the whole town.The name Chitradurga is derived from Chitrakaldurga, an umbrella-shaped hillock in the area. Chitradurga is located in the Chitradurga district in the southern part of Karnataka and is designated as District headquarters of the district.Apart from the magnificent landscape, this place is also famous for a beautiful fortress called Kallina Kote or the ‘stone fortress’ and plethora of different places like Chandravalli caves, Ankali Matt and a sizable lake which is popular for water sports.Chitradurga is surrounded by many stories and legends, according to the epic Mahabharatha, a man-eating giant (rakshasa) called Hidimba and his sister Hidimbi lived on a hillock here. Hidimba used to terrorise everyone while Hidimbi was rather peaceful. During the course of their exile when the Pandavas came with their mother Kunti to Chitradurga, Bhima one of the Pandavas went to a war with Hidimba in which Hidimba was killed. Thereafter Bhima married Hidimbi. Following the Chitradurga travel guide may help the tourists to get around Chitradurga.

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